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A network of more than 160 translators, interpreters, and proofreaders

With Yves Van Krunkelsven Vertaal- en Tolkwerk you tap into a network of more than 160 independent translators, interpreters and proofreaders. This means that we always find the most suitable translator for any translation job.

Yves Van Krunkelsven is the CEO of YVKVT, is a translator himself, and has acquired a great deal of experience throughout his career. Thanks to his extensive network of specialists, he is able to deliver fast translations.

Being an SME, we really enjoy working for other SMEs!

As a small business, we are keenly aware of the needs and wishes of SMEs like ours. We know all about the challenges of growing a business. That is why we are always happy to help our clients. We are at your service!

Quality above all else

Delivering quality is our number one priority. You expect us to deliver high-quality translations of your texts. Which is exactly what we do. Quality above all else.

Seasoned translators in every area of expertise

Our strength? We have a large number of translation experts on speed dial. Several of our translators specialise in legal translations. But their expertise extends much further, for example to social or labour law. We match the right translator with a specific translation assignment.

Native translators only

As a professional translation agency, we work only with translators and interpreters who are native speakers. This means that they translate solely into their mother tongue. Why do we do this? For several reasons. Native translators have a broader vocabulary, and are also able to better detect the nuances of their language, and language sensitivities. That is why they provide the best translations. And we always strive to provide you with the very best quality.

Everything is double-checked!

Every finished translation is double-checked and proofread by another translator. Your additional guarantee for a top quality translation!

YVKVT is forward-looking and innovative

As a modern, progressive translation agency, we like to use innovative technology, such as translation software and translation memories. These allow us to work faster and more accurately. Ultimately, however, the translator’s input always prevails. The translator does the translation, after which another translator reviews it before we send it to you.

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