Technical translations: a speciality in itself

Technical translations: in-house expertise and know-how

In addition to legal translations and financial translations, we also specialise in technical translations. Precision and expertise are tremendously important in technical translations. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly what it takes to expertly translate a technical text into the target language.

Extensive team of expert technical translators

The most expert technical translators have specialised in a particular sector or field of expertise. They speak and understand the jargon that is specific to that sector or industry. YVTK knows which technical translator has the right knowledge to translate your technical text quickly and accurately.

Technical translation into the mother tongue

We always and without exception work with technical translators who are native speakers. That means they always translate into their mother tongue. Native speakers of a language know all its nuances, because it is their mother tongue. That is why all our technical translators always translate into their native language.

Knowledge of jargon

As a specialised technical translation agency, we know how relevant our knowledge of your jargon is. That is why we do not rely solely on our own knowledge of the correct terminology. We also use terminology databases, translation memories and specialised translation tools for technical translations. That way, we are able to deliver high-quality technical translation even faster.

Technical translations for all kinds of industries and tailored to your sector

Thanks to our extensive network of expert technical translators, we are able to offer translations for a wide range of sectors and industries. From the maritime sector to the steel, food and electrical industries, and even retail and construction. We have worked for them all.

Our clients: SMEs and liberal professions

We are always in our element when translating for SMEs and liberal professions. Regular customers include SMEs and the self-employed. We know exactly what they need, offering impeccable services at interesting prices.

All types of technical translations

YVKVT is your one-stop-shop for all kinds of technical translations:

  • Manuals
  • Instructions
  • Technical documents
  • Software
  • Product catalogues
  • Technical reports
  • Regulations

In-house technology

Yes, we are also very tech-savvy. In fact, we rely on all kinds of technical tools – such as professional translation software and translation memories – to deliver flawless technical translations.

Do you regularly send us your technical translations? In that case, we create a dedicated terminology list for your technical translations.

Fair, competitive prices

These technical tools allow us to deliver flawless translations, to the highest specifications of our trade. At fair, competitive prices.

The four eyes principle for all your technical translations

As a professional technical translation agency, we rely on skilled native speakers and technical translators for the translation of your technical text. After which this translation is proofread and reviewed by another native speaker and technical translator. That way, we – and you – can be absolutely sure that your translation is top-notch.

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