Financial translations: a specialty in itself

Financial translations: all the required skills

Everything has to be just right when you’re working with figures: the periods, the commas, and the numbers. And financial translations are no different in this respect. All financial documents for banks, accountants, companies … need to be translated with great care. With the right emphasis, the right jargon, and the right tone of voice. To inform, curry favour with, and persuade readers.

Our financial translators are specialists

Our expert team of professional financial translators knows from experience how best to translate financial texts. Because that is exactly what you need for flawless, accurate and high-quality financial translations. At YVKVT, you can rely on our expertise and many years of experience.

A good working knowledge of the financial world

All our financial translators have a (supplementary) education or background in finance or have wide-ranging economic knowledge. They are also very discreet, guaranteeing your confidentially. Many of the financial texts that we are asked to translate often contain confidential information. You can always count on our confidentiality and discretion.

Native speakers, impeccable quality

YVKVT works solely with native speakers. Every financial translator translates exclusively into his/her native language. Why? Because native translators have a broader vocabulary and can better feel the subtle nuances and differences in style and tone. That way we are able to guarantee high-quality translations.

All types of financial translations

As an experienced and knowledgeable financial translation agency, we translate numerous financial documents:

  • Annual reports
  • Financial regulations
  • General meeting reports
  • Insurance policies
  • Quarterly reports
  • Half-year reports
  • Financial statements
  • Mergers & acquisitions reports
  • Business reports
  • Financial reports
  • Balance sheets
  • Business plans
  • Bank documents
  • Appraisals
  • Financial forecasts

For accounting firms, accountants, bookkeepers and bookkeeping firms

We enjoy working for larger clients – such as insurance companies and banks – but we also take great pleasure in working for SMEs and the self-employed. Among SMEs in the financial sector, we have a reputation for excellent translations for accounting firms, bookkeepers, accountants and auditing firms. We can offer you translations which are fully consistent with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Your financial translation? Fast and accurate

In addition to working accurately, we are also very quick and we like to think with you about the right approach. Quality is our main priority, followed by speed. All our financial translations are double-checked and proofread by another translator.

All for a fair price

We translate all your financial documents for a fair and competitive price. We are happy to quote you a price for your text that needs translating.

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